AK Productions' Austin Klitzka at the DJ and live music equipment for a wedding

Meet Austin

He'll take everything from here.


🎵 To share the gifts of music and entertainment with others 

🎵 while serving and providing high-quality experience 

🎵 and professionalism for the client’s special event.

Music is a gift that has always been in my life.

and, I love sharing it with others to help enhance their life events

That has looked differently over the years, but I have developed my niche —

Running lights and sound for churches, weddings, and school musicals. 


Community is Our Passion

🎵 Our passion is centered around people and the community first. 

🎵 We want to see people enjoying their gatherings, and surrounded by our specialists who value hard work, integrity, and positivity. 

🎵 Your family and friends are ours, so we treat them with the utmost respect and honesty. 

🎵Great music and fun entertainment are important, but only truly to their peak potential when our values and passion remain our pillars.


AK Productions | Music for the Moment handles everything,
and you get to ENJOY the moment.

I hear your Needs Loud & Clear

My passion is community and I'm ready to listen to make your community events memorable events with sound and light.
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