Party DJ

Are you ready to host a party that everyone will remember,
for all the right reasons?

Corporate Events $500+

AK Productions is a friendly, professional music service provider that brings the party to any corporate event! With a vast collection of music to suit all tastes and ages, they guarantee a fun and enjoyable evening for all employees. What's more, they offer their services at an affordable price, so you don't need to break the bank to have a great time!

The School Dance

Are you looking for a DJ for your school gathering, church event, Homecoming, or even Prom? Look no further! AK Productions has experience with a wide range of music that is venue appropriate, depending on your specific event. Whatever your needs are, our goal is to help bring your event to life!

The Block Party

We’ve all been apart too long. It’s time to schedule that long overdue family reunion! This package has you covered. We’ll set you up with all the essentials for an exciting party. The Block Party is here to cover all other event types not under the other packages. Think of this as an economy package, but with all the perks of having a professional. From birthday parties to block parties, we’ve got your back!

What you need

🎵 Great music with a clear communicator to get people dancing and excited to be part of your event 

🎵 A professional DJ/MC who you can trust to do what is necessary for a worry free experience 

🎵 The reliable and affordable option that larger businesses can’t deliver

What you want

🎶 A real person that hears your needs and desires for your day 

🎶 A unique and tailored event based on your requests, not a cookie cutter by your cousin’s friend 

🎶 Active communication throughout the entire process from our first meeting until our final handshake

What Makes a Great Party DJ

Strong Music Knowledge

A great party DJ must have a vast knowledge of music genres, artists, and songs to make sure that they can cater to the different tastes and preferences of the partygoers.

Excellent Mixing Skills

A great DJ should be able to mix tracks seamlessly to create a continuous flow of music that keeps the partygoers on the dance floor.

Ability to Read the Crowd

A great DJ should be able to read the crowd, understand the mood of the party, and adjust their music selection accordingly to keep the energy levels high.

Good Communicator

A great DJ should be able to communicate effectively with the partygoers, making announcements, and keeping them informed about what is going on.

High-quality equipment

A great DJ should invest in high-quality equipment to ensure that the sound quality is excellent and the music sounds crisp and clear.

AK Productions' Austin Klitzka at the DJ and live music equipment for a wedding

I won’t lie.

You could probably find a bigger and better company to do much more than what I do, 

but for a much larger price.

Where I shine is providing a down to earth experience, treat you like a person, not just a potential paycheck, and peace of mind that I’ve got your back.

AK Productions | Music for the Moment handles everything,
and you get to ENJOY the moment.