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Wedding March

The wedding march is such a special time during a wedding and music plays a huge part in setting the tone for the momentous occasion! Whether it's a classic tune or a contemporary hit, the music you choose can reflect your personality and make the moment even more unforgettable for everyone involved. So be sure to pick something that makes your heart sing and captures the love in the air!

First Dance

The first dance at a wedding is such a magical moment, isn't it? It's the perfect symbol of a couple's journey together. And you know what makes it even more special? The DJ! They play such a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance and choosing just the right song that captures the couple's unique love story. It's a moment that everyone will remember forever!

Grand Exit

As a couple takes their first steps into the world as man and wife, it's a beautiful and emotional moment that they will cherish forever. That's why having a DJ who can create the perfect soundtrack is so important! They can set the tone and mood for the celebration, making sure it's an unforgettable event for everyone involved. So, let's dance, celebrate and make some beautiful memories as our newlyweds start their married life together!

Music for An Outdoor Wedding in Kershaw

We Customized our Wedding DJ Services for the family to have an involved role in the wedding!

Reception Music for Kershaw Wedding

Music for a Homestyle Wedding in Greenville SC

Happy Brides

Music for an artsy Wedding in Greenville SC

Happy Brides

Music for a church Wedding in Greenville SC

Happy Brides

Music for a traditional Wedding in Greenville SC

Happy Brides

Music for a rustic Wedding in Greenville SC

What you need

🎵 Great music with a clear communicator to get people dancing and excited to be part of your event 

🎵 A professional DJ/MC who you can trust to do what is necessary for a worry free experience 

🎵 The reliable and affordable option that larger businesses can’t deliver

What you want

🎶 A real person that hears your needs and desires for your day 

🎶 A unique and tailored event based on your requests, not a cookie cutter by your cousin’s friend 

🎶 Active communication throughout the entire process from our first meeting until our final handshake

AK Productions' Austin Klitzka at the DJ and live music equipment for a wedding

I won’t lie.

You could probably find a bigger and better company to do much more than what I do, 

but for a much larger price.

Where I shine is providing a down to earth experience, treat you like a person, not just a potential paycheck, and peace of mind that I’ve got your back.

AK Productions | Music for the Moment handles everything,
and you get to ENJOY the moment.